Welcome to Hire with M365 Connect!  

As your dedicated talent sourcing partner, we specialize in placing top-tier IT specialists within your tech business. 

Who we are? 

Elevate your Growth with M365 Connect! 

Being tech specialists ourselves, we intimately grasp the distinct requirements of our clients. This insight empowers our team of experts to pinpoint the perfect fit for your business.  

Whether you seek a full-time hire or a project-based Microsoft expert, we seamlessly connect you with the pivotal hires essential for a prosperous future! 


By 2025, we aim to rank among the top 10 solutions for German companies seeking Microsoft talent.   We're dedicated to ensuring high client satisfaction and reducing hiring timelines by 20%.

Our personalised approach combines technical expertise with cultural alignment, setting us apart in the industry.  


We provide access to a rich pool of skilled Microsoft professionals, tailored to meet each client's unique needs.  By 2025, our goal is to place 500 specialised professionals across diverse technology domains, to sustain and contribute to client success. 

At M365 Connect, we're reshaping the talent landscape with quality, efficiency, and personalized service.  
Join us on this journey to excellence in Microsoft technology recruitment.   

Our Strategy for Recruitment

Discover customized recruitment strategies designed to empower your company's growth.

Our Recruitment Offerings:

1. Contingency 

Access a wide range of talent

Perfect for projects with fluctuating demands, our approach ensures you get the right fit at the right time, with or without the commitment of a full-time hire.

Avail full flexibility

We believe in transparency and collaboration. With M365Connect, you’re not just a client; you’re a partner in the recruitment process. Our innovative platform offers real-time visibility into our shortlisting process, empowering you to view candidate profiles, feedback, and progress. This direct insight allows you to make informed decisions swiftly, ensuring a seamless alignment with your project timelines and objectives.

Have a dedicated partner inside your team 

Your feedback shapes the recruitment process, with your dedicated partner, we ensure the chosen candidate align perfectly with your company culture and needs before we make our move on him or her.

Our Recruitment Offerings:

2. Retained 

Project based hire 

Hire based on project requirements 

Economical/budget friendly