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Your Trusted Partner in sourcing elite Microsoft Talent

What we offer at M365Connect

Get Expert Microsoft Talent, Streamlined Recruitment, and Custom IT Solutions for Your Business Needs


By 2024, we aim to rank among the top 10 solutions for German companies seeking Microsoft talent. We’re dedicated to ensuring high client satisfaction and reducing hiring timelines by 20%. Our personalized approach combines technical expertise with cultural alignment, setting us apart in the industry.  

Our Mission

We provide access to a rich pool of skilled Microsoft professionals, tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. By 2024, our goal is to place 500 specialized professionals across diverse technology domains, to sustain and contribute to client success. At M365 Connect, we’re reshaping the talent landscape with quality, efficiency, and personalized service.  

Our Speciality

As your dedicated talent sourcing partner, we specialize in placing top-tier IT specialists within your tech business.Our expertise lies in offering personalized support to companies and freelancers, guaranteeing that their requirements are fulfilled with customized solutions.

Positive Impact

Positive impact sourcing boosts company growth, enhances project quality, and strengthens reputation through exceptional Microsoft talent partnerships.


Expertise in sourcing elevates company performance, ensures high-quality talent acquisition, and drives successful project execution.

Rigorous Candidate Selection

Rigorous candidate selection ensures top-tier talent, enhancing project outcomes, reducing risk, and fostering long-term growth in sourcing.

Strong Network

A strong network boosts sourcing success, providing timely access to top Microsoft professionals and enhancing project outcomes.

Who we are at M365Connect

At M365Connect, we are the architects of a new era in IT recruitment, meticulously constructing a bridge between unparalleled Microsoft expertise and visionary companies. Our dedication to quality, efficiency, and personalized service is not just a promise—it's our practice. As we journey toward recruitment excellence, we invite you to experience our commitment to seamlessly integrating the industry's most accomplished Microsoft professionals with forward-thinking businesses. With us, discover the synergy of culture fit and technical prowess in Microsoft technology recruitment.

What are we famous for at M365Connect

Get Expert Microsoft Talent, Streamlined Recruitment, and Custom IT Solutions for Your Business Needs

Leading Innovation on Microsoft Technology

From the cloud to AI we provide the deepest skills and experience across the Microsoft ecosystem

Responsible, suitable, and purpose driven

Our purpose is to make a genuine human impact and be responsible in everything we do

The power of our people

Our people know Microsoft better than anyone. We are people focused and committed to an employee experience, the attracts and develops the best talent in the business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to your queries about our specialized Microsoft recruitment processes and services

At M365Connect, we have a wide range of talent and reduced hiring time. We also offer a transparent hiring process with a vast network with speedy candidate referrals.  

As a professional IT recruitment agency we provide your company with access to a network of highly skilled IT professionals, saving you time and resources in the hiring process. We identify the best-fit candidates for your specific needs and ensure a smooth recruitment process. 

If you are not satisfied with a certain candidate from us, we will fill up the gap by offering another candidate. We have a pool of highly qualified candidates and we will run around the clock to fill the gap for you within the shortest time possible.  

We utilize various channels such as job boards, social media, and professional networks to source candidates. We also conduct thorough screenings that may include technical assessments and in-depth interviews to ensure candidates meet your requirements. 

We have different candidates with different employment needs. We can offer you temporary or permanent candidates based on your needs and company expectations.  

With a pool of candidates already in our website, we have a short turnaround time. We solely focus on the timeline needs of our clients and ensure we deliver within the expected time. If we are not able to cover up within the expected time, we communicate to our clients in time and give the appropriate feedback. 

To ensure a good fit, we learn about our client’s company culture, values, and specific job requirements clearly. We will use this information to tailor their search and present candidates who align with your company’s goals and values. 

We stay updated by attending industry events, and webinars, as well as networking with professionals in the IT industry. We also engage in continuous learning and research to understand evolving technologies and trends. 


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